Playing at tournaments:

Typically, we attend 5-10 tournaments throughout the year. Anyone who is interested in attending a tournament is always welcome, provided our budget allows it and the necessary qualifications of the tournament are met. Likewise, although tournament attendance is completely non-mandatory and absence will not be punished in any way, the team is beholden to any and all competition restrictions and requirements set by tournament organizations.

Most of our tournaments are nearby (at Rutgers, Columbia, Penn, NYU, etc.), but sometimes we travel further (UVA, MIT, and Harvard, for example). Nationals tournaments are often even further—in 2018 we went to Chicago!

Results of past tournaments can be found here.

Hosting tournaments:

The team also hosts and organizes tournaments (high school or collegiate) here at Princeton for other teams to come and attend. Though it’s dependent on receiving the bid, usually two tournaments are hosted each academic year: one in the fall and one in the spring. While again not mandatory, members are certainly encouraged to help run and staff the tournaments. It’s fun!

For teams attending tournaments hosted by Princeton:

At present, we haven’t scheduled any upcoming tournaments to be hosted at Princeton.

General directions to Princeton University can be found on the Princeton main site here.

If traveling to one of our tournaments by train, check the NJ Transit schedule here. Note that you will have to take the Dinky from Princeton Junction to Princeton Station.

Any other inquiries on locating the team (whether for everyday purposes or for tournament use) can be directed to Jupiter ( or Sage (